Protect Your App's Trademark

Get alerted every time an app is added to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store that may be in violation of your trademark.

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Clear, Detailed Reports

When new apps violating your trademark are discovered, you will receive an email report with all of the information needed to report the violation.

Keep Track

Even if no new violations are found, you will receive a monthly report summarizing any previously discovered violations.

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Save Time

Automate all the things! You no longer need to keep searching the stores manually and keeping tabs on violations, it's all automated for you.

Peace Of Mind

Sleep well knowing that your investment in your trademarks will remain protected on an ongoing basis.

Did you know?

Defending your trademark will be more difficult in the future if you haven't been actively policing its misuse.

You've already invested in your trademark. Give yourself the peace of mind that you'll be the first to learn about any potential violations so that you can defend it in a timely manner.


$ 40 / year

Per Trademark / Country

  • Email alerts when new violations found
  • Monthly email summaries
  • Peace of mind
  • No more manual work
  • Pricing scales from small to large businesses


"I love having AppLookout watch my trademark. I've had many trademark violations on my apps go unnnoticed in the past. AppLookout sends out an email when there are potential trademark issues so I can screen them proactively."

Moshen Chan, Founder, Radiantlabs, LLC

"AppLookout is a very convenient way to stay on top of what's going on in the App Stores, and invaluable when you have several IPs to track. I highly recommend it!"

Jeferson Valadares, Co-Founder & CEO, Doppio Games.

About us

Cromulent Labs

We're a small, independent app development company that wanted a simple, automated way to help protect our trademarks, so we created one.

How it works

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Enter the trademarks and countries you are interested in and your email address and you are good to go.

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The simple pricing scales with the number of trademarks you own, so it works for businesses large and small.

Receive email alerts

You'll receive email alerts when new violations are discovered and a monthly summary as well.

Read and react

Alert emails have links directly to the forms used to report the violations to Apple or Google.